Style No.100 Early

Our best western belt that out does them all. Over 300 shiny nickel spots and jewels. Spotted and jeweled belt on top grain, embossed leather, 1 3/4 inches wide, 1/8" thickness. This buckle is nickel, made of iron, like vintage. Beautifully designed and engraved as shown, and looks like it is handmade. All 1/2 inches rings are reproductions 1930's specification. This is the inlay specification. It's not overlays.
■Belt Design:Acorn/Top Grain, Embossed leather
■Buckle:ACE's original iron【鉄製】
■Other:All 1/2 inches rings are reproductions 1930's specification
■Design from:1930's Montgomery Ward Product name "Wards Finest"


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